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Commemorative GFT Collection

GFTs are NFTs designed for gifting.

Atari x Everyrealm Collective

For holders of four or more GFTs

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The Atari 50th Anniversary Commemorative GFT Collection

Celebrating the brand that launched the modern video game industry.

The Atari GFT Heritage Collection honors Atari’s 50th anniversary, celebrating the exciting future ahead while commemorating the iconic Atari 2600 console and fan favorite games such as Combat, Swordquest, Asteroids, Centipede, and more.

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Attention GFT Holders

Atari x Everyrealm Collective

Holders of 4 or more GFTs can redeem an exclusive Atari x Everyrealm Collective Pass for 0 ETH (excluding gas fees). Three tiers of passes are available to claim based on the rarity of GFTs held. Current membership benefits include:

  • Access to Everyrealm’s upcoming gaming initiatives.
  • Exclusive Oncyber Game Den NFTs.
  • Participation in AtariX activations.
  • Private AMAs with leaders in the web3 and gaming space.

More details can be found under What Benefits Do I Get as a Holder?

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Oncyber x Everyrealm
Game Den Pods

Through our partnership with Oncyber, Atari GFT and Atari x Everyrealm Collective Holders will have the exclusive right to own customized game den pod NFTs—snapshots were taken for holders on the dates below.

Oncyber is an open platform that allows users to build their own world and experience them with others.

Missed out on the Snapshot?

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Atari x Everyrealm Collective Holders:


The Roadmap

Jan 21 - Feb 1


Join the GFT Shoppe whitelist. Don’t miss out on Atari’s 50th anniversary commemorative GFT collection.

Level 1

Get your GFTs. GFTs will be available to buy for a lucky friend or for yourself.

GFT holders will be able to participate in an exclusive token-gated community Discord, building excitement ahead of the GFT reveal.

February 28

GFT Reveal

Atari GFTs will unwrap on February 28! Holders will find out if their GFTs are common, rare, or epic.

Chat in the private Discord and trade with other holders. VIP holders of 4+ Atari GFTs will gain access to exclusive announcements on GFT drops, token-gated experiences, and more.


Everyrealm Arcade Alpha

Atari GFT holders have exclusive alpha access to the Everyrealm Arcade featuring Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong.


May 2

Everyrealm Arcade: The Atari Cup

GFT holders get the exclusive opportunity to participate in The Atari Cup, a token-gated series of competitions. Players will win rewards for rising the ranks in the leaderboards.

Everyrealm Arcade x Portals

We're excited to announce that Everyrealm Arcade is partnering with Portals to offer our gaming experiences in the in the Portals Downtown Arcade.

Atari GFT holders will be able to compete in The Atari Cup from within a multiplayer Everyrealm Arcade space in Portals.

Also... look out for us in Portals Downtown & Arcade...

June 20, 2022

Level 2

Level 2 unlocked. Holders with 4+ Atari GFTs will get access to redeem an exclusive Atari x Everyrealm Collective Pass. There are 3 tiers of passes based on the rarity of your GFTs.


GFT holders will have the opportunity to engage in private digital experiences, AMAs and events with web3 and gaming experts as well as access to other Everyrealm activations.

Level 3: Everyrealm x Oncyber

GFTs are all about surprises. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Oncyber to award Atari GFT Holders with Game Den Pod NFTs. Each GFT holder will get their own private Oncyber pod to show off their NFTs. Winners of the Atari Cup will get to flex their trophies, medals, and collectibles in this exclusive, digital space. Atari x Everyrealm Collective Pass holders will receive additional rooms and upgrades.

June 27

AtariX in the Sandbox

The fun doesn’t stop. AtariX has a surprise up their sleeves... GFT and Pass Holders will gain access to AtariX’s Sandbox Alpha Pass playground in The Sandbox! Raffle tickets to be rewarded to GFT and ERC Pass holders to participate in tons of quests and games on 17 different Atari IP!

Level 4: Everyrealm Arcade Levels Up

We’re planning out next steps for the Everyrealm Arcade. Atari GFT holders will get to participate. More coming soon.

ERC21 Launch

Pass holders will gain private access to Everyrealm Club 21 (ERC21), a recreation and social club planned for development on one of Everyrealm’s plot’s in The Sandbox. ERC21 will have social and interactive experiences, as well as gaming opportunities.

Level 5

As inaugural members of Everyrealm’s gaming community, GFT and Pass holders will gain ongoing opportunities for whitelists and airdrops for Everyrealm products and brand collaborations.

How to Claim Your Pass

Collect four GFTs of any variety to redeem an Atari x Everyrealm Collective Pass. The rarity of your GFTs will determine the tier of your pass.

Use the guide below to see what GFTs you need to own to redeem either an exclusive Rare, Epic, or Legendary GFT Access Pass.

GFT Point Value
Common = 2,600 points
Rare = 5,200 points
Epic = 7,800 points
Rare Access Pass

min 4 GFTs, 10,400 points

Any GFTs

Epic Access Pass

min 4 GFTs, 13,000 points

At least 1 of 4 Rare GFT

Legendary Access Pass

min 4 GFTs, 15,600 points

At least 1 of 4 Epic GFT or 2 of 4 Rare GFT

Redemption Flag Check

In order to see if a GFT has been used to redeem an Atari x Everyrealm Collective Pass, follow the instructions below.

Paste the Token ID of the GFT that you want to check in the field below and press the “Check” button.

You will immediately see if that GFT has been previously redeemed.

Rarity of GFTs

All Atari GFTs have been revealed as of February 28, 2022. See how rare each GFT is by using the table below. Trade amongst others to build up the rarity of your GFTs. GFT holders of 4 or more will have the opportunity to claim a 5th GFT based on the rarity of your collection.


This GFT celebrates Swordquest, an unfinished quartet of titles that paired action-adventure gameplay with comic books and a real-life treasure hunt.


Rarity:  0.2% Epic

Quantity: 20


This GFT celebrates Warlords, a high-energy, multiplayer favorite in which up to four players fought to destroy each others castles.


Rarity:  0.7% Epic

Quantity: 70

Super Breakout

This GFT celebrates Super Breakout, the brick-breaking sequal that introduced multiple balls and a steadily advancing wall.


Rarity:  1.1% Rare

Quantity: 110

Crystal Castles

This GFT celebrates Crystal Castles, the game that brought the world the castle-searching, gem-collecting, foe-jumping, loveable Bently Bear.


Rarity:  3% Rare

Quantity: 300

Yars’ Revenge

This GFT celebrates Yars' Revenge, an Atari classic filled with industry firsts, where insect warriors defend their planet from a relentless foe.


Rarity:  5% Rare

Quantity: 500


This GFT celebrates Adventure, which thrilled millions of players as they searched through a maze of rooms and dodged dragons to recover an enchanted chalice.


Rarity:  8% Common

Quantity: 800


This GFT celebrates the Atari VCS launch title Combat, 27 head-to-head game modes of dueling tanks, bi-planes, and jets.


Rarity:  10% Common

Quantity: 1000


This GFT celebrates Centipede, a desperate battle against a relentless downpour of centipedes, scorpions, spiders and fleas.


Rarity:  15% Common

Quantity: 1500

Missile Command

This GFT celebrates Missile Command, which challenged players to defend their cities from an unyielding barrage of ballistic missiles.


Rarity:  22% Common

Quantity: 2200


This GFT celebrates Asteroids, the game that introduced a generation to asteroid-blasting, high-score chasing space flight.

GFT ID: 10

Rarity:  35% Common

Quantity: 3500

How Buying a GFT Works

  1. 01
    Buy your GFT

    To buy a GFT you need a crypto wallet. If you don’t have a wallet, instructions on how to set one up are here and a video is here.

  2. 02
    Gift your GFT

    Send the GFT to a lucky recipient. Or keep it for yourself - we won’t blame you!

  3. 03
    Unwrap your GFT

    On a specified date, your surprise gift box will automatically unwrap. Check the MyGFTs page or head over to OpenSea to find out which collectible is inside! Join the online community of GFT owners and spread the GFT love to others.


GFTs are NFTs designed for gifting. Each GFT is an NFT built on the blockchain, wrapped in a digital box. GFTs will unwrap at a future date depending on the collection.

The GFT Shoppe is your go-to digital destination to purchase GFTs for gifting occasions. There is also a storefront in the Decentraland metaverse. Check it out here.

Yes, this is an official GFT Shoppe collection produced by Everyrealm in partnership with Atari to commemorate their 50th Anniversary.

The mint price was 0.1 ETH. The Whitelist mint price was .09 ETH.

No! There are 10 different rarities ranging from Common, Rare, and Epic. Please see the rarity guide for the rarities of each GFT.

There are a total of 10,000 original Atari GFTs.

You can purchase a GFT on OpenSea at!

You can give someone a GFT by directly sending the GFT to their crypto wallet. Go to the “My GFTs” page to send your GFT to whoever you’d like.

GFT’s will unwrap on February 28, 2PM EST. Make sure to grab one here before GFTs reveal as some NFTs inside will be more rare than others. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to claim a rare, official Atari NFT!

Don't worry if your GFT hasn't unwrapped immediately at 2PM EST on February 28. It takes time for OpenSea's cache to clear and your GFT will unwrap shortly. You may try clicking the “Refresh Metadata” option on your token’s page in OpenSea to possibly speed this process up.

Once all GFTs reveal on February 28, 2PM, recipients will find out what GFTs they received based on 10 different rarities available. Holders of 4 GFTs or more will have access to redeem an exclusive GFT pass for 0 ETH + gas fees, with its rarity dependent on how rare your 4 GFTs are. Trade amongst others to build up the rarity of your 4 GFTs and get access to your exclusive GFT pass based on your holdings.

There will be 2,500 GFT Passes available to mint in 3 different tier varieties (Rare, Epic, and Legendary). On a date to be announced, holders of 4 or more GFTs will be eligible to mint a GFT Pass for 0 ETH + gas fees. GFTs may only be used once towards GFT Pass redemption rights.

We will release a simple verification tool that will enable buyers to identify if a GFT has been used to redeem a GFT Pass. This tool will be found on our GFT Shoppe website.

Owners of an exclusive GFT Pass will receive:

  • Access to ERC21, an exclusive recreation and social club planned for development in Everyrealm’s plot in The Sandbox
  • Whitelists and activation opportunities on the next two upcoming GFTShoppe collections
  • Private AMA’s with leaders in the Web3 space
  • Access to Everyrealm Alpha/announcements ahead of time

A recreation and social club planned for development in Everyrealm’s plot in The Sandbox. ERC21 will be a highly exclusive club for crypto, NFT, and gaming socialites and enthusiasts to hang out, relax, play games, compete, and more. Members will get access to:

  • Opportunities to socialize and network amongst other Everyrealm project holders.
  • Gaming events and competitions with leaderboards and rewards.
  • Invites to exclusive events and experiences IRL and in the metaverse.
  • More to come!