The public sale for the Atari 50th Anniversary Commemorative GFT Collection has sold out!

A surprise in every box

GFTs are collectible NFTs designed especially for gifting

More exciting than greeting cards and more thoughtful than gift certificates.

Gifts you’ll be glad to receive; GFT collections are inspired by timeless brands for loyal fans.


Atari Commemorative Collection
Future Collections

How Buying a GFT Works

  1. 01
    Buy your GFT

    To buy a GFT you need a crypto wallet. If you don’t have a wallet, instructions on how to set one up are here and a video is here.

  2. 02
    Gift your GFT

    Send the GFT to a lucky recipient. Or keep it for yourself - we won’t blame you!

  3. 03
    Unwrap your GFT

    On a specified date, your surprise gift box will automatically unwrap. Check the MyGFTs page or head over to OpenSea to find out which collectible is inside! Join the online community of GFT owners and spread the GFT love to others.

GFT Shoppe

Your destination for buying and discovering GFTs at Everyrealm’s store in the metaverse.

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GFTs are NFTs designed for gifting. Each GFT is an NFT built on the blockchain, wrapped in a digital box. GFTs will unwrap on a certain date depending on the collection.

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. An NFT is a crypto token that represents a specific asset on a blockchain. NFTs come in many forms, from a flat jpeg, to videos, virtual land, and even music.

No! Within each collection there, are a variety of GFTs, some more rare than others.

The GFT Shoppe is your go-to digital destination to purchase GFTs for holidays and occasions. There is also a storefront in the Decentraland metaverse. Check it out here.

Beginning on January 27, 2022 you may join the whitelist to increase your chances of buying an Atari GFT. The sale will open on February 1, 2022. GFTs will be available for purchase on the GFT Shoppe website (

You can purchase a GFT with cryptocurrency. When you buy a GFT from the GFT Shoppe website, you are minting the NFT and claiming its ownership on the blockchain.

You will need a crypto wallet. Learn how to set one up here. Consider GFTs to be your gateway into crypto.

You can give someone a GFT by directly sending the GFT to their crypto wallet.

Gas fees are the transaction fees that you are required to pay if you buy or send something on the blockchain. The more people conducting transactions on Ethereum at a time, the higher the gas fees will be.

They come in a digitally wrapped box! The first GFT sale will open on February 1, 2022 and each GFT collection edition will “unwrap” on a certain date, revealing the NFT presents inside. You can keep your GFT for yourself or gift a GFT to a lucky recipient.

NFT was the Collins Dictionary word of the year—GFTs are the most on-trend gifts to buy this year. GFTs won’t be delayed by Amazon. They won’t be damaged by UPS. You don’t need to sit in traffic to buy them at the mall. They’re the ultimate gift.